These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions but we want to hear more questions so get in touch.

What is Safe & the City?

Safe & The City is a personal safety navigation app to route, share and rate your walks. Wherever you’re headed in London, start a trip and get there safely with Safe & The City.


How does it work?

Starting a trip is easy. Select ‘Where to go?’ on the top of the map and type in your destination. Start your navigation and receive notifications while walking to any areas the police have flagged as a historical street for crimes.

If you are in an emergency, there is 2-click access to quickly contact 999 to reach appropriate Emergency Services.

When you feel unsafe, we want to know. Simply hit “Report”

To log out at any time, click on the ‘Profile” screen to successfully sign out.


Is Safe & the City only for people in London, England?

Safe & The City is working closely with London city officials, the police and other key partnerships to demonstrate the value to scale to other cities worldwide. If you believe Safe & the City should be in your city, request for us to find a way to get there.


Will Safe & the City call the police on my behalf?

Safe & The City will never contact the police without your expressed consent. However, at any point in-app, you can quickly contact the emergency services via through the S.O.S. button.


How much does it cost?

At Safe & the City, we believe safety at your fingertips should be free for everyone.

That’s why we do not charge our users, so it is free for all to use.


How do I reach Safe & the City about media, press, careers or investment opportunities?

We're always happy to hear from you. Reach out to one of our team at hello@safeandthecity.com


What happens to my reports on the website/app?

All your information is kept safe. We anonymise and aggregate reports to identify patterns and trends in areas for police, businesses, and others to be aware of so we can build safer spaces together.


Is Safe & the City GDPR compliant?

We are a registered UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) company and adhere to the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. For more information about how we protect your data read our Privacy Policy below.


Who do I contact if I have feedback or ideas for the app?

We love to hear from our users to hear what you want. Please reach one of our team at hello@safeandthecity.com