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i3 Risk equips your technology with the ability to keep people safe. Deploy the most accurate insights of localised crime and crowdsourced incidents in London.

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Risk of residential burglary is down 2.67% in Southwark today.


Risk of moped enabled crime is up 0.74% in Islington today.


Risk of violence with injury is down 3.61% in Westminster today.


Daily forecast to stay informed

Great products take great care of their users. Monitor emerging risks and relay important information directly to who needs to know. Updated from official sources, every day.


Respond to emerging crime

Discover relevant risks across 33 London boroughs and plan next steps.


How have things changed since yesterday?

Analyse localised problems that are worsening or improving and make strategic decisions.

APIs designed for developers

Explore Safe & the City’s i3 APIs, integrate them with your existing HTTP client and start receiving information.

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