Understand and Mitigate Your Risks

Equip your technology with the ability to keep people safe. Deploy London’s most comprehensive database of street-level incidents, layered with official crime risks with Safe & the City's i3 API.

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Leverage a legacy of street level reports

Stay Informed

Leverage a growing legacy of tens of thousands of street-level reports to keep people informed where they are.

Assess Risk

Access official police intelligence to understand daily risk across your area of London.

On Demand

Instant access to street level risk insights to keep users informed.

Emergency Toolkit

Risk an Emergency Triggers

Immediate Notifications

Automatically receive notification of emergencies via HTTP push triggers.

Customised Thresholds

Set thresholds for each of 12 crime verticals to receive notification of increased risk across London.

Secure Communication

Trigger payloads are cryptographically signed to ensure secure communication.

Case Study

London Bridge, 2019

Safe & the City’s app is helping tens of thousands of people complete safer journeys from protest alerts to serious incidents.

Incident Flagging

During the 2019 London Bridge terrorist attack, our RiskAPI flagged a potential incident for manual review within 10 minutes of the initial report.

Independent Verification

A dedicated team member independently verified there was an incident in progress.

Push Notification

A push notification was triggered to all Safe & the City users within a 5km radius of London Bridge, relaying official Metropolitan Police advice.


Designed for Developers

Ease of Implementation

Clean and modern JSON API to build on existing HTTP client infrastructure alternatively use one of our client libraries to quickly deploy this functionality.

Standardised Endpoints

Predictable resource-oriented URLs, using standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs made for software engineers of all-levels.

Step-By-Step Documentation

Complete documentation and programming language specific examples to easily code into your product.

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