📘 Learn how UN Women U.K. and Safe & the City partnered up to make your experience count in building safer, more inclusive spaces.


Give your users the option of getting to their destination safely.

Who is it for?

Going on a date for the first time? Trying to find the best places to visit on a night out? Providing a service to someone in their home? All of these are great reasons to provide Safe & the City as an option for your users to navigate a safer way.

How it works?

We offer a seamless experience to your users through deep-linking from your iOS and Android applications. Best of all, it's FREE.

Case Study - what3words

A powerful combination of citizen power and smart technology is revolutionizing street safety in London through a partnership between tech start-ups, Safe & The City, the street-smart safety app and what3words, the innovative new addressing technology. Utilising the inbuilt navigation technology, crowdsourced information and police risk data of the Safe & the City app integrated with the unique 3-word address system of what3words, citizens can share their experiences, connect to police services and help to strengthen relationships with communities, ultimately reducing victims of opportunistic crimes and sexual harassment.



...we are offering an entirely new, and safer way to navigate. Users can not only make informed, safer decisions on their route based on crowdsourced data, but navigating to a 3-word address means they'll arrive at specifically the correct point...

Why not offer a safer way to your users?

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