📘 Learn how UN Women U.K. and Safe & the City partnered up to make your experience count in building safer, more inclusive spaces.

Safety is important

If people's safety is important to your next event, we can help.

Each Experience of Safety Counts.

Often experiences, like sexual harassment and other sensitive offenses, go unreported or not recognised as key concerns. We offer cost-effective, rapid insights and communication tool to improve safeguarding your space. Using our award-winning technology, attendees can travel into your venue with a customised experience of the app, enabling safety at their fingertips.


Key businesses we work with

Enhance Security

Through our technology, accurately locate a person in need in a crowded space and push notifications to attendees or staff for any emerging threats to mitigate risk.

Gain Rich Insights to Improve Your Next Event.

Receive a detailed report on the types of incidents reported, locations and time with key recommendations to measure the difference it will bring to your next event.

Communicate to Attendees and Staff You Care.

If an incident happens, it's important to know and acknowledge so you can also communicate the resources available to support that individual with any further help. Have a powerful story to share by demonstrating how you are part of the change to inform, empower and transform your event.

Want to Make Your Event Safer?

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