Safe & the City Receives Foundation for Integrated Transport Funding

Published 12 January 2022 | by Jillian Kowalchuk

Safe & the City Receives Foundation for Integrated Transport Funding

We are thrilled to announce recipients of the Foundation for Integrated Transport (FIT) funding enabling social enterprises to grow their business and impact.

After Safe & the City received grants and support from Unltd and Better Futures London City Hall shared Trustees and Board Members recognised the value of Safe & the City’s technology to improve integrated, safe and sustainable transport options.

The Foundation for Integrated Transport is one of the few grant-making trusts devoted entirely to promoting radical change for sustainable transport in the UK. The Foundation for Integrated Transport was formed by the late Dr Simon Norton in 2014 to make transport better for people and the environment. FIT’s focus on transport as a basic human right and fighting against climate change reflects Simon’s priorities and serves as a part of his lasting legacy.

“Transport is pre-eminently a human rights issue — people without access to transport can’t function properly in the society we have built. We have come to tolerate a degree of discrimination against non-motorists far beyond what in recent years has increasingly come to be seen as unacceptable for, say, disabled people or sexual minorities.” Simon Norton, foreword to the Shropshire Bus Report, 2018

In the New Year, you can expect even more from what Safe & the City has to offer, including mobile app improvements, the anticipated launch of i3 Intelligence’s Dashboard and the talented team members who made it happen. Building safer, more inclusive ways of travel alongside partners who want to be part of the change.