Safe & the City Celebrates with Pride

Published 03 June 2021 | by Jillian Kowalchuk

Safe & the City Celebrates with Pride

Pride isn’t only about colourful dress, banners and massive coordinated celebrations, but has its roots demarcated by an important human right’s movement. In response to a police raid of a known local gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, people quickly lined the streets to protest the violence and limitations of their rights. These riots are considered one of the most important events to propagate LGBT+ human rights movement worldwide. A year after the Stonewall riots, the first Pride march took place setting off a catalyst for more cities and communities to recognise LGBT+ human rights, celebrate love and bring more people together for lasting change.

Nearly half a century has passed since the Stonewall riots. There has been much progress made worldwide, but according to Human Dignity Trust, 71 jurisdictions criminalise private, consensual, same-sex activity, 15 criminalise gender identity and/or expression of transgender people and 11 countries can implement the death penalty.

Rebels with a cause

Safe & the City is a purpose-driven company to protect the human rights regardless of sex, gender identity, gender-expression, sexuality, and other intersectional aspects of violations. Our free app supports anyone who wants to keep themselves safe and improve public spaces for the benefit of everyone. Since our beginnings, Safe & the City has made a concerted effort to represent, include and engage the LGBT+ community whether in our campaigns, social media or safety intelligence.

Why Safe & the City cares

Safe & the City is a proud employer of people who identify from the LGBT+ community. We not only want to commit to building inclusive technology products and services but a diverse workforce advocating for changes to personal and public safety. When we have more represented data into our collective experiences of violence, harassment and hate we can better work together to create safer more inclusive spaces for everyone.

How can you get involved?

While COVID-19 may have stripped us of some Pride Parades and activities, we will be sharing throughout the month where and how you can celebrate safely in the UK.

Make sure to download Safe & the City’s app for free for time-sensitive alerts, safety tips and a way to anonymously report any homophobic violence or abuse during your celebrations.