International Women’s Day i3 Intelligence launch

Published 08 March 2021 | by Jillian Kowalchuk

International Women’s Day i3 Intelligence launch

We’ve gone the extra mile to celebrate International Women’s Day the way we always do- with a bang! If you need a reminder on March 8th, 2018 we launched the highly anticipated Safe & the City at the iconic London & Partner office in the heart of London. A year flew by but by 2019 we were launching Safe & the City in Berlin. Last year we published our joint report with UN Women UK to help local businesses and transport providers understand key trends women and girls were facing in the city. What’s on for this year you may ask? Keep reading and we will tell you.

2021 International Women’s Day theme is #ChoosetoChallenge how we can use the challenges of today to make more responsible decisions and actions. While we believe our team’s work at Safe & the City challenges the status quo in many respects, we decided to build from this to focus the discussion on people’s safety. How we rebel is to take a holistic view on how people feel, move and experience spaces differently, not by prescribing it but by engaging with it.

Safe & the City launches our Build Back Safer campaign marked by our event on March 12th. We are bringing together key voices in the UK to engage in this timely discussion, including Amy Lame the Mayor of London’s Night Czar, Claire Barnett from UN Women UK, Kate Barnes from TIER Mobility and Michelle Roycroft from Help Me Angela. We will also draw attention to our consumer survey results, demonstrating the demand for technology companies to consider their safety in public spaces.

...and not only that...

Safe & the City is also launching the next generation of safety products and solutions, called i3 Intelligence. We’ve packaged the intelligence behind Safe & the City’s technology over the years and now made it available to other mobile applications. How? Through integrating with our APIs/SDKs to make location-specific safety information available to anyone connected to their device. Our i3 Risk API helps look ahead to what previous crimes and incidents have happened in those spaces to help guide or inform users. Our i3 React alerts you to the most pressing emergencies to keep people out of harm's way. Not enough? We have our team of safety experts to consult on your biggest challenges and develop bespoke solutions to improve the safeguarding of your users.

We believe technology is the driving force to build back better, safer and more inclusive societies. The ‘how’ will come from our ability to link what we know, actively explore what we don't and work together in the solutions designed to support everyone, equally.