Getting to your destination safely with i3 Routing Alerts API

Published 22 September 2022 | by Gary Devenay

Getting to your destination safely with i3 Routing Alerts API

Safe & the City’s approach to safely building technology for people navigating through the risks of the real world has always set us apart from the rest. Instead of defining what safer routes mean, we proactively bridge crowdsourced intelligence to flag risks in the precise locations people are moving through.

i3 Intelligence AI Platform provides advanced analytics on incidents unfolding across the UK and Ireland, but we wanted to deliver more value to mobility providers that help move people.

Let’s explore some of the features of i3 Routing Alerts API and how we can use them to solve real-world routing problems.

i3 Routing Alerts provides a simple set of API endpoints allowing developers to quickly and easily add a layer to new or existing route-finding applications. Our API endpoints work with the industry standard GeoJSON format (RFC 7946) allowing seamless integration with Google Maps Directions API, Mapbox Directions, and bespoke route-finding solutions. We can provide alerts during any mode of transport, whether car, bicycle, e-scooter or walking.

By utilising the data collected by the i3 Intelligence AI platform, our API enables mobility, transport, logistics and other route-planning providers to integrate our safety intelligence data in three main ways seamlessly:

In Safe & the City’s 2021 Consumer Survey, nearly 80% reported they would want their top 5 apps to adopt personal safety alerts to help keep them safe on the go.

  1. Flexible User Notifications: Upon finding a route, providers may wish to provide their end-user with customised notifications on safety considerations along the way. Presenting a user with this up-front information allows them to make more informed decisions on their journey and navigate around issues they may wish to avoid.

  2. Route Prioritisation: Traditional route finding user experience is designed around speed. Typically the fastest route is the default with one or two “slower” alternatives given. With i3 Routing Alerts API, we can add an extra safety-focused dimension to route suggestions, allowing individuals to proactively respond to their own sense of safety and choose their journey based on factors that matter most to their safety.

  3. Static Location Alerts: We heard from organisations that checking the safety of locations before sending someone there is important to deliver the best experience. For example, an e-bike provider with fixed parking areas may want to toggle the availability of locations based on risks identified in the exact or surrounding area.

Access to i3 Routing Alerts API is available to integrate now. Teams who wish to understand how integration will work with their product can visit our documentation or book a demo to get a deeper insight into how i3 Intelligence can support the safety needs of their community in an ever-changing world.