#BuildBackSafer Campaign

Published 05 March 2021 | by Jillian Kowalchuk

#BuildBackSafer Campaign

If you’ve been living in the UK undoubtedly you have heard about the Build Back Better campaign also focused on the inequalities, economic and climate measures we need to rebuild post-COVID19. This campaign brings together a diverse group of people and organisations to represent fairly the needed work to be done.

While we completely understand and respect the intentions behind the campaign, we believed there was a value to building on it and focusing on the importance of safety.

How we understand and define ‘safety’ in the past year has fundamentally changed. More than ever people are considering different aspects of safety-whether personal safety of ourselves, safety of the public and the public health safety of disease control. Not only that, more now than ever there is recognition of the safety needs and inequalities of marginalised groups who face different forms of violence, harassment and discrimination, often on a more frequent basis. The Black Lives Matter movement highlighted how personal safety and violence against black people is very different than their caucasian counterparts. Violence against women, especially at home and on the street, has risen and changes how they go about their day-to-day lives.

As lockdown eases police and businesses are preparing for other types of crimes to rise as more people return to public spaces. Many people are feeling more vulnerable going into the spaces they once did. In order for us to have a successful COVID-19 recovery and build back better-safety needs to be at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

While we navigate many complex and intersectional issues, we also need to change the way we view and approach solutions to safety. Safe & the City believes technology is a transformational mechanism to address these issues. This is why we’ve launched the #BuildBackSafer campaign to focus how we can leverage technology to build back better, safer and more inclusive spaces.

We’re bringing together a diverse perspective of experts from mobility, government and social enterprise to learn how they are working to Build Back Safer and the importance of finding solutions that are inclusive of the needs of the people it intends to serve.

Join this important conversation with us on March 12th at 1pm GMT. Registration is needed but free to attend: http://bit.ly/BuildBackSafer2021

If you miss this event, not to worry! We have a recording we’d be happy to share. Message our team hello@safeandthecity.com to watch this important and timely discussion.