Awarded the GLA Green New Deal Grant

Published 18 June 2021 | by Jillian Kowalchuk

Awarded the GLA Green New Deal Grant

The Mayor of London committed £10 million in investment in green projects to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and move towards more sustainable innovations to support our long-term transition to do that. During the COVID-19 lockdown last year, London’s carbon emissions fell by 59%[1]. While this was an unintended consequence of lockdown with fewer commutes, industrial productions and international travel taking place, these stark figures are a reminder of how serious our impact is. Now is a critical time for cities, communities and businesses to look at their ESGs (environmental, social and corporate governance) metrics and the role they have to play in building back better.

We know for people to return to work, public spaces and ways of moving through the city, people need to first feel safe. Our safety includes even more considerations than ever before, including severe weather changes, public health risks, street harassment, riots and terrorism.

Last year, Safe & the City was selected to join the Better Futures Programme to further our commitments to moving people safely through active and public transportation means through our mobile application. During this time, we also developed our i3 Intelligence platforms to extend our real-time localised alerts to other platforms so no matter how people decided to travel or what area they happened to be in, they could keep informed of safety risks and emergencies around them.

Safe & the City was proud to be awarded the Greater London Authority’s Green New Deal grant to further scale our technologies into more geographies and support more organisations to keep people safe when on the go. Not only when something happens but the reporting of ESGs through understanding risks, taking actions to mitigate harms and measuring the impact can provide to people’s safety and freedom of movement.

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Photo by Marcos Nieto on Unsplash