Announcing the i3 Intelligence Platform

Published 08 March 2021 | by Gary Devenay

Announcing the i3 Intelligence Platform

We are pleased to announce the public release of Safe & the City's i3 Intelligence Platform. i3 is the accumulation of the last few years of testing and refining our algorithms, strengthening partnerships and expertise, and packaging this together into the i3 Intelligence API.

As part of the i3 Intelligence API, we are releasing two products: i3 Risk and i3 React.

i3 Risk

i3 Risk is our daily prediction service. Using official data and trend analysis, we crunch over 250,000 data points every day in order to produce risk estimates for public spaces and make these available to feed directly into other mobile apps or products.

The fundamentals of i3 Risk have been a core part of Safe & the City since the beginning. Providing the groundwork for preventative safety; i3 Risk gives teams the data they need to send intelligent notifications, evaluate risk at a user’s location and suggest alternative destinations or actions they can take to minimise the risk of harm.

We’ve currently rolled out i3 Risk across Greater London and will be rolling out further cities across the UK in the coming months. We would love to speak with potential partners who are interested in integrating i3 Risk across the UK and further afield about how we can make that happen even faster as people need assurances they are safe.

i3 React

i3 React is our emergency alerting service. Our bespoke machine learning model continuously scans various data sources across social media, news channels, emergency broadcasts and much more. We look out for you about potential terror threats, public order, protests or severe weather events to find out when a serious incident is unfolding and help you keep your users safe.

If you’ve been a Safe & the City user for a while, you may have seen i3 React in action in the past. During the 2019 London Bridge terrorist attack, i3 React identified and flagged this incident as it was unfolding. We quickly verified the ongoing incident and triggered a mobile notification to all Safe & the City user’s within a 5km radius relaying official police guidance, within only 10-minutes. We received messages of appreciation from our users, as there were many people not aware of the issue who could have unintentionally been harmed without this information delivered directly to their device quickly.

Today, I’m excited to announce that we are making i3 React available across the UK and we will look to expand to more countries in the near future.

If you’re looking for a head start, you can check out the documentation or reach out to the team to find out how i3 intelligence can help you take your user’s safety to the next level.