Announcing i3 React Email Alerts

Published 26 May 2022 | by Jillian Kowalchuk

Announcing i3 React Email Alerts

Today is a proud moment for us at Safe & the City with the release of our i3 React Email Alerts. Technology that improves people’s safety in public spaces is needed now more than ever before. Whether they are protests about climate change, cost of living crisis or human rights issues, they can happen in any area, at any time and be riskier if you’re not aware of it.

Safe & the City continues to pioneer innovative product solutions to improve people’s safety through technologies and keep people informed to make better decisions about their's and others’ safety. This time, no app download is required (but it’s there if you need it)!

Recently, the UK government has passed legislation to try and reduce the number of protests and riots. These bills are partly due to disruptions affecting people’s ability to move, attempts to limit crimes, property damage and violent acts that sometimes follow. While most protests are peaceful, all carry some level of safety risks- if you’re blocked from getting to an urgent medical appointment, on an opposing side (or team) that sparks conflict or physically unable to move through a crowd.

The Queen’s Jubilee is just around the corner, but not everyone will be celebrating. Our i3 Intelligence SaaS has already detected upcoming planned protests across London, Bristol and other major UK cities due to take place during the four-day weekend. Starting June 2nd until 5th, we're releasing our i3 React Email Alerts with critical information about protest times, locations and their purposes to empower you with the knowledge to keep safe over the four-day Queen’s Jubilee weekend. After that, you can continue to receive these emails weekly for free.

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