Always Improving For You

Published 20 September 2021 | by Jillian Kowalchuk

Always Improving For You

Safe & the City is committed to providing the best technologies to keep you safe while continuously finding new ways to improve. Whether through our mobile app or online reporting tool. We offer a free and easy way to report unsafe experiences, such as sexual harassment, to continue to use these insights to improve the safety of public spaces and all types of people who journey through them.

Our website reporting tool offered a global user base to share what's happened, when and where without access to our mobile app. We believe everyone in all countries has the right to be safe, but as a social enterprise, we have had to focus our efforts first to have the most significant impact. Nearly all Safe & the City reports come through our mobile app because we provide accurate and real-time alerts about safety concerns along your journey.

Fundamentally, we believe it is by establishing a way to give what we know before asking for your experience that sets us apart. We have decided to incorporate this information from the live map into the i3 intelligence platform. By visualising these insights to organisations committed to improving the safety in their areas, for their people or property, we will exponentially grow our impact and opportunity to be in more countries sooner.

We will continue to share how your direct and bystander reports make a difference through our annual impact report, newsletter and social media accounts.